Thursday, April 23, 2009

Problems & Tests

I tested the outcome of color variation by changing the angle of the blinds to see what kind of images would work best to express the concept of “compressed time.”

Test One.
The first test was conducted to find a optional viewer position different settings that control the directions where the light source.

Test Two.
When I was shooting the wall to focus on the changing colors of light at different time settings, I set the position of the camera following different colors of light. I tested the color of the blinds with different amounts of compressing and experiment with how to express the movement of shadows. The light is straight by nature and it makes the same shape as the object, but time compressing makes curved shadows which cannot see a just snapshot.

Test Three.
In order to make an interesting view, I set the blinds in unusual places. The audience may not notice the size and location of the blinds, although it somehow gives a little strange feeling when people see the final images. Because it looks just regular blind but it located some strange place like middle of a room not an in front of windows.

Test Four.
When people first see my images, they describe like what pictures of color strips. I decided remove the mini blind which create the look of strips to experiment with wall texture. It can surprise audiences when they realize this is a picture of a wall manipulated through time compress. To maximize the perception of beauty, I took a picture of a white wall which emphasizes colors reflected throughout the day. I also tested different amount of pictures which taken by time order.

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