Thursday, January 29, 2009

2. personal statement

A window blind reflects my personality. I'm not a socialized person. I prefer to stay alone and spend time thinking by myself. When I stay behind the window blind, I feel comfortable because it gives me a feeling of hiding from the outside while it allows me to see what is happening out there without being recognized by others. It makes me feel safe.

 Blinds can be opened and shuttered. It also shows my personality in the sense that I easily shutter down my mind when I don’t want to be involved in certain situations or relationships.

The actual size of the blind is 23.0" W x 15.0" H although the final image is portrayed in a larger size. I intentionally chose a relatively small size window blind which is actually about the size of my computer monitor. It represents my subjective view toward the world since my computer monitor is my window to society where I spend most of my private time. I always look at the world with my unique perception as window blind also filters out the light as much as it allows.

 From technical point of view, the small blinds reinforce a short focusing range which creates the abstract images of my project. It also leads to move the focus from outside view of window to the colors of light.

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