Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Atta Kim

Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project, DMZ Series, The Eastern Front, 8 Hours, 2005, © Atta Kim

Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project, DMZ Series, The Western Front, 4 Hours, 2003,

Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project, New York Series, Times Square, 8 Hours, 2005

AK: There are over 100,000 soldiers from South and North Korea facing each other across the DMZ line. Yet, the DMZ itself looks more peaceful than anywhere in this world. Within the face-off of these two powers, the DMZ stands like the eye of the storm, quiet and peaceful. It is a cruel irony.

AK: Long exposure is an important concept—everything eventually disappears. It serves as the physical process for the “On-Air” project. “Everything disappears” doesn’t just mean gradual disappearance, but extends to examining the precious value of individuals and of history. A Korean proverb says, “Know its worth once it’s gone.”

Nicole Pasulka’s interview with photographer Atta Kim.

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