Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Overview / Thesis Statement

Through my past projects, I focused on expressing my emotional states by using the medium of the colors of light related to time change. This thesis project, however, goes and step farther and attempt to connect audiences through commonly shared emotions such as loneliness and gloominess that are continuously narrated through images taken over a couple of days.

The window blind symbolizes my eyes that filter light coming through and create beautiful shades of color. By using this symbolism, I wanted to express my own perception of beauty that is connected to a concept of time passing. 


  My goal is to make an art piece that impacts people with concepts of honesty, brilliance, and beauty.

  Audience, Location, Interaction Time

 I don't have a specific target audience. My work is designed to be placed in a gallery and is going to be seen by various visitors. I respect the audience’s personal tastes that my work can appear to be impressive or can also be ignored. I prefer a quite gallery environment that allows viewers to fall into my work by thinking deeply. 

Core Features and Functionality

 My project only focuses on “Look and feel.” It will be just hung on a gallery wall for viewers to look at and feel freely. The technological component of the project is not given any significant meaning. However, I want to stress the point that I used a camera in positive way as the best medium of recording time passing.

Success Measures

 Before I expect any audience’s reaction, I put more meaning on personal achievement. My work has to be able to move myself first since I am the first audience exposed to my art work. The most important success measure of this project is “honesty” and how honestly I expressed my intention of creating this art. I believe my art work can move audience’s minds if it does for me.  

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