Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Resources and Scenario

List of resources
- High res digital camera : Canon 40D or 5D or 5D Mark2
- Vertical grip for support more battery, or make power cable instead of battery.
- Wide & bright lens ( for indoor shooting )
- Shutter system: arduino, motor, buttons.

Interview scenario
1. Contact people of friends or relative of friends.
2. Visit them at early in the morning.
3. Talk about project and doing interview about 'time' and 'regular day of life'
4. Set up a camera.
5. Leave the house.
6. After sunset or next day, get back the camera.

For my thesis work, I don’t need user scenario.
My work open to every one, and I don’t expect any reaction from audience.

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  1. Hi Sunghun,

    Have you made/found your mini-blinds yet?